Unified Communications

How can Unified Communications help your company?

BCS uses Unified Communications in two ways to help improve your business operations and bottom-line. The first is a Managed Telephone System and the second is Managed Broadband.

Managed Telephone System

Improve your Business Operations:

If you operate a multi-location business, you will see these immediate benefits from installing a managed phone system.
Cost savings and quick payback on your investment.
One bill for both phone system and phone service.
Ability to communicate with any location at the touch of a button.
Mobility for field workers.

Ensure Business Continuity and Prepare for Disaster:

Built-in extensive disaster avoidance and recovery protections.
Automatic backup and failover.
Re-routing to remote numbers.
Continuous voicemail access from email.

Managed Broadband

Improve your Business Operations:

Our Managed Broadband Account Program makes sure your telecommunications and Internet keep working.
Search all Broadband service options in your area.
Provide secondary backup connections for mission critical locations.
One bill for all locations.