Revenue Share & Bulk Agreements for Apts, HOA and Property Management

Your property may have "untapped value" to cable, phone, and satellite providers. Broadband Consulting Services can turn that value into savings, income, and more tenants! Don't go about it alone and leave money or services on the table! Contact BCS today at 877-(BCS)227-6606 for help.

Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies have many decisions to make on behalf of their owners and tenants. We want to help you with your Cable and Internet decisions on your properties. Each property stands on its own and there might not be a one-size-fits all solution. Let us help you. Here is the process we follow:
Review potential Service Provider and the products and services they offer.
Explore new revenue avenues: door fees, revenue share percentages, marketing cash, or other discounts.
Negotiate agreements that suit your property with best financial terms.

Residential Apartment Owners

Like Property Management Companies, Service Providers may offer Apartment Owners upfront incentive money for a revenue share agreement or bulk cable service at a discount. Let us handle it for you. Whether you are in an Agreement or attempting to negotiate a new one on your own, let BCS give it a second look at no charge to you.

Commercial Apartment Owners

The Service Providers want you to sign and Access Agreement for your property. Let us look at it first! Don't obligate yourself without getting something in return. Commercial Apartment Owners are now offering high-speed wireless Internet as an amenity to attract and retain tenants. We work with great companies that specialize in Managed Internet Solutions for those interested in pursuing this option.

Assisted and Senior Living

Although bulk cable TV is still a necessity, Internet is becoming just as important to seniors. A package of both services at a significant discount can satisfy the entertainment needs of the residents and the financial needs of the owner. We can show you how!

Homeowners Association (HOA)

HOA Boards and/or their Property Management Companies often try to negotiate an agreement on their own with limited success. BCS has experience working with HOAs on revenue share or bulk agreements.
BCS works on behalf of property management companies, apartment owners, homeowners associations (HOA), and assisted living communities to find the appropriate TV, Internet and Phone solutions to make your property more desirable to tenants. If you are doing business in New York or North Carolina, we can help you with the following services.
Cable Television
Millions of people across the country demand cable to watch their favorite shows and sporting events, so it’s wise to include this as an option for your tenants. In certain circumstances, some providers can customize the channel lineup to meet the needs of residents. Additionally, premium services such as HBO or Showtime can be sold ala carte.
High-Speed Internet
With the ability to stream movies and television shows, make video calls to friends and family across the country, and get answers to almost any question instantly, the Internet provides a versatile communication and entertainment solution that is integral to almost all of our lives. Make your Internet connection fast and easy, and you’ll have a better chance of securing and retaining tenants.
In the past, phone service was only delivered by “the phone company”. Today because of Broadband technology, cable operators and satellite providers both deliver a quality voice product.
Additional Services
Depending on your residents, special services may be important. This can include options such as a community channel that’s operated by the owners, or other services such as free wireless at your pool or clubhouse.