About Us

Our goal is to create value for your organization

Broadband Consulting Services specializes in connecting businesses and organizations to great Telecom opportunities. Our unique approach is to not just provide goods and services, but rather to create value for our customers by using Broadband to reduce expenses while maximizing profits.
With 28 years of experience in the telecommunications business, we have a proven track record of results.
Over the years, we’ve worked with a range of customers that include: homeowner associations, apartment owners, property management companies, non-profits, government, schools and many businesses. In almost every case, we have helped them generate new income, reduce expenses, improve service, efficiency and productivity.

Broadband is the platform for all of our projects. Whether it is Fiber Optic or VoIP, Broadband allows us to create opportunities for our customers that enable them to connect to clients, colleagues and the world at lightning fast speeds. In addition to our Broadband Services, we also provide Telecommunications Consulting, Brokerage and Vendor Acquisition Services catered to your unique business needs.
BCS is led by the telecom veteran, Glen Chalmers
Glen is a 29-year veteran of the telecommunications industry and has managed multiple cable systems in Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York. He has first-hand experience negotiating cable and fiber agreements for colleges, local government and private owners of multiple dwelling properties.

Glen has a degree in Media Systems and Management and has also held senior positions with Time Warner Cable, as Director of Customer Service and Director of Technical Operations. He is an active participant in the Broadband Communities Conferences.